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Xeneta Shipping Index by Compass – Far East to US West Coast


The XSI-C - Far East to US West Coast is a BMR compliant index representing rolling short-term Freight All Kind (FAK) rate valid for less than 32 days, for a 40’ container and from Far East to US West Coast. They are calculated daily and published at 4:15pm London time.
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Index Description

Xeneta Shipping Index by Compass (XSI-C) represent BMR compliant indices for rolling short-term Freight All Kind (FAK) rates valid for less than 32 days, for a 40’ container. They are calculated daily and published at 4:15pm London time

XSI-C indices are available on Bloomberg and Reuters under the ticker symbols listed in Table below.

As of December 1st, 2021, the following XSI-C indices are computed and published :

  • XSI-C – North Europe to Far East
  • XSI-C – US West Coast to Far East
  • XSI-C – US East Coast to North Europe
  • XSI-C – Far East to North Europe
  • XSI-C – North Europe to US East Coast
  • XSI-C – Far East to US West Coast
  • XSI-C – North Europe to South America East Coast
  • XSI-C – Far East to South America East Coast


A regulated and transparent daily container freight index.



The most in-depth and most accurate representation of the container freight market.


Key characteristics of the index

Meaning of Index value: The Index aims to benchmark the price of shipping a container between two specific geographical locations. The Index includes all charges and surcharges that need to be paid in order to ship a container between the two specified locations. The Index does not include any discretionary surcharge, any fee associated with a premium service, any additional cost due to pre or on carriage of containers or any charge incurred due to non-standard cargo (heavy goods, dangerous goods, . . . ).

Representativeness: Xeneta is the world largest ocean freight rate benchmarking platform and provides the most exhaustive source of information related to containers pricing with millions of data points allowing it to benchmark more than 75% of yearly containerized global trade.

Type of data used as input: Data used to build the indices are committed quotes reported to Xeneta by their customers. 

Quality of the data: The Xeneta freight rate data collection and processing is in line with the highest quality standards. As a Contributor under the EU BMR rules, Xeneta has adopted a Code of Conduct in line with EU BMR constraints.

Responsiveness: Index Levels are computed and published with a 2 days lag.

Methodology: The XSI-C indices are based on the computation of median prices. Data used to compute the Index are Xeneta short term rates. To mitigate possible bias linked to potential concentration issue, the methodology computes a USD median rate for each Customer-Service Provider pair. The Index level is then calculated as the weighted average of the median rates computed above.

Index Governance: The Compass Oversight Committee (composed of senior representatives of Compass) and the XSI-C Index Steering committee (the Steering Committee is composed of senior representatives of Compass and Xeneta and may include individuals or representatives of companies such academics, external counsels or major Index stakeholders) are in charge of the Index governance.

EU Benchmarks Regulation (EU BMR): XSI-C indices are approved as benchmarks under the EU Benchmarks Regulation (EU BMR).

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