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The Compass Crypto Basket Digital Economy Index is a diversified digital asset index designed with the objective of offering a broad exposure to the NFT, Gaming & Metaverse ecosystem while capping each component exposure to 30%. Weightings are based on liquidity and market capitalization. NFT, Gaming & Metaverse are three key sectors of the global digital space’s economy. They are fast growing and have great potential on becoming part of our life on a daily basis. • NFT, Non Fungible Token : these are unique tokens that rely on their associated blockchain to ensure security and authenticity. This allow digital property for everyone. They are commonly used by artists and creators, giving them the opportunity to expand their visibility across the whole community while keeping their copyrights unviolated. • Gaming: growing sector mostly thanks to the ’play-to-earn’ games. This sector now represents billions in USD and just keeps growing • Metaverse: projects that aim to create an alternative, digital universe that will be online and will rely on the blockchain technology to operate. Most of the tech giants decided to create their own Metaverse. This industry is now also worth billions. They are all intrinsically connected, that’s why we decided to combine them under one single and methodically thought out Index that will reflect this whole economy. The Index is to be composed of the 10 most representative and liquid NFT, Gaming & Metaverse tokens. Selection : as a first step, cryptoassets classified as ”NFT”, ”GameFi” & ”Metaverse” by CoinGecko have been selected. Then, a study was done on each preselected token in order to finally determine the eligible ones based on their legitimacy regarding the three sectors, as well as the reliability and strength of the projects.
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as of 2023-10-02
Name Code Target Weights
Apecoin APE 26.52%
Immutable X IMX 21.28%
The Sandbox SAND 20.09%
Decentraland MANA 18.51%
Gala GALA 13.60%
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