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SESAMm et Compass FT s’associent pour créer un nouvel indice thématique de cryptomonnaies basé sur des données d’IA et de NLP.

25 May 2023 | LAUSANNE, Switzerland – PARIS, France

SESAMm, a leading provider of big data and artificial intelligence solutions for investment professionals, and Compass Financial Technologies, the leading Swiss-based independent index provider, announced today a partnership to create a new cryptocurrency-based thematic index using web sentiment data.

The new index, powered by SESAMm’s AI and NLP analytics, will leverage a diverse range of cryptocurrencies and incorporate sentiment data from the web. The index will aim to capture the market’s sentiment towards cryptocurrencies and provide investors with a new way to gain exposure to this emerging asset class. 

« We are excited to partner with Compass Financial Technologies and leverage their knowledge and capabilities in index construction. We believe that this collaboration will bring innovation for investors that want to approach the crypto market, » said Sylvain Forté, CEO of SESAMm. « Cryptocurrencies have become an increasingly important asset class, and web sentiment data can provide valuable insights into market trends and investor sentiment. »

« By partnering with SESAMm, we can leverage their recognized expertise in big data and AI to create a unique index that allows investors to access the cryptocurrency market with a new, dynamic approach, giving them a comprehensive insight into the digital assets landscape, » said Guillaume Le Fur, CEO of Compass Financial Technologies. « This new index will complement our digital asset offering, which now covers a wide range of solutions from market access indices to more sophisticated solutions, » he concluded.

The new thematic index is expected to launch in June and will be available to investors through a range of financial products and solutions. The partnership between SESAMm and Compass Financial Technologies represents a significant step forward in using web sentiment data to create innovative financial products and solutions.

About SESAMm

SESAMm is a leading artificial intelligence and NLP technology company serving global investment firms, corporations, and investors, such as asset managers, banks, private equity firms, hedge funds, and index providers. SESAMm analyzes more than 20 billion documents in real time to generate insights and indicators for controversy detection on investments, clients and suppliers, ESG, and positive impact scores, among others. With a global footprint, SESAMm supports a team of over a hundred professionals across six strategically situated offices in international hubs like Paris, New York, and Tokyo.

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About Compass Financial Technologies

Compass Financial Technologies SA is an independent Swiss-based company focused on the design, calculation and administration of market benchmarks and tailor-made quantitative investment strategies.

Founded in 2017, Compass has locations in Lausanne, Paris and New York. For more than 20 years, the team at Compass has been developing recognized benchmarks ranging from simple vanilla indices to complex index strategies based on quantitative models and market intelligence. Compass calculates nearly 1,500 indices for institutional clients, from investment banks and pension funds to asset managers related to all asset classes.

Compass Financial Technologies (France) is a registered Benchmarks Administrator by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) under the EU Benchmarks Regulations (EU BMR).

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