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Compass FT lance le premier indice DeFi incluant des données fondamentales

LAUSANNE, Switzerland – February 22, 2022

Compass Financial Technologies, a leading crypto index provider that calculates indices that track over $5bn in assets announces the launch of the Compass Crypto Basket Fundamental DeFi Index (CCBFDEFI) – providing a reliable institutional benchmark to one of the fastest growing sectors in the crypto industry.

 The CCBFDEFI is designed to offer broad exposure to the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector by tracking a basket of the leading 10 tokens that are involved in DeFi by utilizing a novel weighting mechanism and rebalancing monthly. The CCBFDEFI is EU Benchmarks Regulation compliant and is now live on Bloomberg and Refinitiv and is readily licensable by product issuers. 

 The CCBFDEFI is the first institutional crypto index that introduces a fundamental weighting model by tracking token liquidity and revenue produced by DeFi protocols by using on-chain data to determine weighting amongst the constituents.

 The CCBFDEFI, which is now live on Bloomberg and Refinitiv under the respective tickers CCBFDEFI and .CCBFDEFI allows institutions to track a robust DeFi index that seeks to provide a smart exposure to the sector through its fundamental weighting model and allowing for precise replication by applying liquidity constraints.

 The CCBFDEFI comes after the launch of Compass’s on-going partnership with leading digital asset manager CoinShares on launching the first physically staked ETPs in Europe and the launch of a multi-asset class gold-bitcoin index which Compass calculates and administers.

 Compass has been a market leader in providing crypto index engineering since 2018 by first launching EU benchmark regulated reference rate indices for ETP issuers. Since then, Compass has steadily expanded its scope towards more sophisticated and bespoke indices that are demanded by institutional clients.

 The Compass team similarly produced sophisticated institutional commodity products in the 2000s and is now seeing a similar demand play out for crypto indices.

 Guillaume Le Fur, Compass CEO commented, “Appetite for digital asset exposure through institutional quality solutions is growing significantly. Incorporating fundamental metrics in index creation offers investors the possibility to allocate in the most efficient DeFi tokens based on rational economic indicators”.

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