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Compass FT lance 5 nouveaux indices crypto sectoriels

LAUSANNE, Switzerland – June 21, 2022

Compass Financial Technologies, a leading crypto index provider that calculates indices that track over $4bn in assets announces the launch of 5 new basket indices that follows the top sectors in the crypto industry which are calculated and published daily to Bloomberg and Refinitiv.

The newly launched basket indices seek to provide robust tools for investors to get exposure to some of the fastest growing sectors in the crypto industry. Compass FT announces the launch of the following new crypto indices.

  • Compass Crypto Basket Top 5/10 Index (CCBI5 & CCBI10)
  • Compass Crypto Basket Layer 1 Index (CCBIL1)
  • Compass Crypto Basket Smart Contracts Index (CCBISMRT)
  • Compass Crypto Basket Digital Economy Index (CCBIDIGI)


Compass Crypto Basket Indices are based on robust rule-based methodologies designed by index and crypto experts. Calculated in USD, capping factors are employed to avoid overweighting and the indices are rebalanced monthly. All of Compass FT indices are designed to be transparent, provide robust pricing and are EU BMR approved benchmarks.

Until recently, industry-specific sectors in crypto were not apparent. With the rise of DeFi, Layer 1’s and metaverse, there is a clear need for proper benchmarking tools that provide the markets with accurate indices to help guide decision making and investment product creation. Compass addresses this need by creating a robust framework for basket products and applies innovative weighting approaches that blends traditional finance practices within the crypto industry.

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About Compass Financial Technologies

Compass is one of the leading digital asset index providers. Its benchmark indices have over $4bn and are tracked by multiple financial products worldwide. Compass is registered as an index administrator under the EU Benchmarks Regulation (EU BMR).

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