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Index engineering

A recognized expertise in index design

Compass founding partners have a strong and successful experience in designing, implementing and managing rule-based investment strategies. Since more than 15 years, our team has been developing a set of recognized benchmarks ranging from simple vanilla indices to complex index strategies based on quantitative models and market intelligence.

Compass manages, calculates or develops several hundred indices on numerous asset classes: commodities, real estate, interest rates and crypto-assets. Several billion dollars are invested in indices calculated by Compass.


As a partner, we will help you to transform your idea in a successful index

Our services

  • Capacity to backtest any rule-based strategy
  • Index administration services into a BMR framework
  • Index calculation and dissemination services
  • Establish successful relationships with swaps providers and ETF providers
  • Promoting index to investors


Robustness through a multi-site contribution

Compass has developed a robust and reliable contribution infrastructure based on a multi-sites IT architecture.

Index calculation and contribution are generated from 3 independent sites located in 3 different countries. 2 sites are active and one is acting as a backup.

Each site respects the most restrictive constraints in term of business continuity plan. (internal server backup, market data access redundancy and power redundancy, …).

Calculation Agent

A deep knowledge on index contribution.

Compass provides clients with a range of index calculation services. As independent index calculation agent our services include maintenance, calculation and distribution for indices across all asset classes.

A team dedicated to your needs

If requested Compass team will be happy to advise you on new index rules. We particularly have the experience to advise you regarding the EU Benchmarks Regulation ("EU BMR").


Historically, Compass has been one of the most responsive index calculation agents to manage index computation issues or client requests. Issues are normally solved within an hour after issue is raised.

Reliable infrastructure

Our index calculation infrastructure is designed to calculate and publish any strategy based on systematic rules. We also offer an architecture that makes it possible to manage “advised” indices.

End of Day and Real-time computation

The resilience of our computation and dissemination infrastructure provides a safe environment for end of day computation and publication prices, but also for real time prices. Our ability to manage safely and strongly the frequency of publication provides us the capacity to manage iNav publication or any real-time frequency constraints index publication.

Index Dissemination

According to your need, your index can be disseminated on Bloomberg, Reuters, dedicated websites or any other data providers of your choice.

Customized reports for clients

On top of our usual reports, our team can develop with you the appropriate report you need to audit index computation. You can receive those reports via e-mail or download them via FTP sites. Dedicated API end-points can also be implemented.

Index Administration

As a BMR index administrator Compass maintains strong regulatory credentials that extend across all its services. Over the years, Compass has developed internally a BMR compliant framework based on strong operational processes. In this context we offer our clients the outsourcing of their index administration. They can then focus on the index research and design. Separating the administrator function provides also the advantage of avoiding conflict of interest or index changes which would not be compliant with the BMR rules.

Quantitative engineering

Our team of quantitative analysts and developers support you in the development of your projects. With decades of experience in quantitative finance, our engineers will help you in various areas ranging from back testing of strategies to the development of pricing tools or customized quantitative indicators. The flexibility of our architecture allows us to use a large universe of data providers. Our solutions are developed in Python, R or C#.