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Compass Financial Technologies apporte son expertise en ingénierie financière à The Index Standard

LAUSANNESwitzerlandOctober 20, 2020 — Compass Financial Technologies is proud to announce our collaboration with The Index Standard on their launch of an information platform which provides ratings, forecasts and guides about investible indices. 

With its proprietary methodologies covering over 30 metrics, The Index Standard offers a comprehensive analysis on indices and ETFs, as well as a forward-looking view on their potential performance. Compass is responsible for the implementation of the methodologies.

“Nowadays, with the low ETF fees, the underlying index has become the key performance driver. But with millions of indices in today’s market, how do investors know which are the best or the most suitable for their portfolio?” said Laurence Black, Founder of The Index Standard. “Our aim is to demystify indices, rate them objectively, and help investors pick the best in class.”

Guillaume Le Fur, CEO of Compass, commented: “It has been a tremendous partnership with The Index Standard on their unique offering. There is a huge gap in the market to provide investors with more independent information, and we are delighted to contribute our expertise in quantitative investment strategies to help bring The Index Standard to life.”

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